I believe

My life

"Toast with a glass of water and get addicted to Adam's ale"

Journalist and creative writer.

I have been chronicling the news from around the world for US and Italian media.

Besides my long-running broadcast career at RAI SpA, I have published numerous articles on different issues on dailies, magazines and online papers, I have worked as a reporter and correspondent for radio and TV national and international networks and satellite channels.

But most of all I see myself as a maker of ideas...

I believe

"Small minds talk about people
Mediocre minds talk about events
Great minds talk about ideas"

Toast with a glass of water

I believe

My home

“Small minds talk about people
Mediocre minds talk about events
Great minds talk about ideas” 
My Grandfather       

"Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me"

My Father

"I am not afraid
Of anything
Of anyone "

My Grandmother

"Taste is like class
Class is not on sale 
And life is the fulfillment
of one’s wishes and satisfactions"

My Mother

"Life is about Love"

"Defend and revenge"
My Family’s motto

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal”
Martin Luther King

My Quotes
"You always have a choice
There is always a way out
Everything you need is within you
One must live and let live
You are what you eat
Rhythm is all
People are not what they look like
People see what they want to see
Upper class, middle class, lower class are not about money, simply about class
40 is not old, if you are a tree
Pop art is a language
Shopping is an investment
Love has nothing to do with marriage
When you don’t love anymore you don’t feel anymore
When you don’t want to be married anymore you get divorced
A man and a woman should get married by the word, not by signing a paper
People must keep their word till they change their promise
A promise is not a piece of paper and a ceremony, but a solemn word in one’s heart
Angels are among us
When it is windy it is their wings flapping
Truth always wins
The brave say the truth
Traveling opens your mind not just a trip to say “I have been there”
Chocolate is a drug
Drug is rubbish
Junk food is better than a shrink
Toffee is better than coffee
Children are my best audience
Sex is like mathematics
Mathematics is challenging and enthralling
One plus one is two and two is a group and three is a crowd
Humankind is evil
God has a heavy burden
Mothers are sacred
Women with hairy armpits should get a ticket
Only cute men should be allowed to walk in the streets in naked chests
If “Italians do it better”, one guy does it best
Dipping feet in Rome’s masterpiece-fountains should be banned
Munching chewing gum is not sexy
Sexy is an attitude
If you look up the word “idiot” in a vocabulary you might find “tourist” among its synonyms
Touchy people are ignorant
Thank goodness ignorance is not contagious
People who always talk about themselves, about their life and do not listen are unmannered
Many men are broken
I am not a mechanic
“Politically correct” is baloney
Single women should be called spinsters
Tipplers are losers
Lushed up people are yucky
Pretzels, bagels, muffins, pancakes, waffles, peanut butter, Carnation milk are yummy
People’s habits change
People don’t change and if and when they do, they get worse
People are just people
I am what I am
People who insist and repeat the same things over and over are like a mosquito bite
Pedestrians crossing red light should be run over
Speeding with a vehicle is a sign of impotence
Making a U-turn is like stabbing
Stupid questions get stupid answers
Coca-Cola on the rocks is an evergreen
Smoking is a tuxedo in Italian
Smoking in English is disgusting
The world is flat and relationships are forever
Answers and solutions are always right in front of us
Idealism and unreality is when reality makes fun of you
Friendship is rare
Words are important
There is nothing like family
Merry-go-rounds are romantic
High heels are fashionable
Finger food is not classy
People who do not know how to lineup are annoying
Unnecessary touching is irritating
Tolerance is worse than intolerance
Gossip is cheap
Stingy people are insensitive
Talking about money is nonsense
You need money to make money
The more TV channels there are the less there is to watch
Now is the future
Nothing is easy
When you feel something is impossible you will achieve and succeed
Good tippers make waiters happy
Good waiters make me happy
Being on time is polite
A phone call can make a difference
Thank you, sorry, please: three key words can make it all
Happiness is in a smile
A kiss can make you fly and touch the sky
Love addicts spoil Love
Funk is cool
Ballet is elegant accuracy
Hip-hop is a state of mind
Musicians, singers and dancers are the “elected”
Ariens are elected among the elected
Dogs are the best
Nude and naked are two different things
Independence andsolitude are two different things
If there is a winner there must be a loser
If we all lived in the same chic neighborhood of a city it wouldn’t make it chic anymore
A lot of rank titles are worth less than a five-day-old fish
Black is black, not colored.
My skin is colored, but I am not black
Not everyone one likes carrots, but everyone likes karats
When people end up talking about the weather it is time to quit the conversation
People who brag and boast are boring
Nuts is better than boring
Boredom is my enemy
Freedom is my power
A person without fantasy and imagination lacks of intelligence
Creativity can come from disapproval
Baseball players are cool
The world is a mess, I am a mess, but I am not looking for Mr. “I know how to do it all”
When everyone says I’m doing wrong I know I’m doing right
I should have gone into acting
It is never too late"

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